Violet’s Review Of Flagstaff’s Best Western Pony Soldier Inn & Suites!

When Mom said we were stopping in Flagstaff, Arizona for a couple nights I was really excited. I had heard that they have some pretty sweet people-friendly patios that I could take Mom & Dad to and they wouldn’t even have to be on leash. But then when she told me that we were staying at the Best Western Pony Soldier Inn & Suites, I was a little disappointed. Since I had to share the room with Mom, Dad, Stig & Clover, I was really hoping for the more spacious Best Western Plus. And I really like the full kitchen the Plus offers because Mom can cook for me – I do love my oatmeal in the morning! But when we pulled in and I got a look at the doggie play area, I was happy once again. It’s true that the rooms are a little small for a family of 5 but I had lots of space outside to stretch my legs. And to be honest, to have a mental health break from the boys. Boy did those two get chatty in the van. I couldn’t hear myself think with all of their meowing back & forth!

The big patch of green grass was protected by tall shade trees. Mom & I had a bench to hang out on when we just weren’t ready to head back inside. I was thrilled to see the fire hydrant too. I read so many pee-mails from dogs from all over the country. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories they told! Of course, Mom gets really excited about poo bags which I find a bit odd. But when Mom is happy, the whole family is happy!

I was really hoping to meet the pony that lives there but she was nowhere to be seen. I was so disappointed that I wanted to ask for my $20 dog fee back. But Mom explained that the Pony Soldier was a movie about Native Americans that had been filmed even before she was born in nearby Sedona.

So if you decide to get your kicks on Route 66, be sure to bring your dog along too. I left a pee-mail with all the details about Flagstaff just for them!

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