Violet’s Favorites – Napa’s Fuller Park!

Just blocks from downtown Napa and my house is Fuller Park – one of my favorite places! The small park is 10 sprawling acres of grass, trails and huge trees! Of all the places I have played, there aren’t many other mini-parks as beautiful as this little gem! 

Fuller Park is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been a city park since 1905. Besides knowing how to count up to 5 in English & German I’m not much of a numbers person but Mom says that is a pretty long time to be a park! For a while it was known as Campbell’s Grove but then in 1919 it became Fuller Park – they named it in honor of somebody called a Mayor! 

There are loads of things to love about my picturesque park. It has a big playground full of kids laughing and playing. Lots of them want to pet me and that is one of my favorite things! It has many picnic areas which means I have lots of crumbs to eat until Mom catches me and makes me spit it out! There are wide paths that give me the chance to meet lots of other dogs. We all have to be on leash but it is still fun! Oh, and there is so much grass! I can spend the entire morning checking and sending pee-mails to my four legged friends. On warm, sunny days my Mom and I both love all of the huge, majestic trees that create the shade. Mom blames her menopause and I just get overheated really fast! Maybe I have menopaws too! Mom always has a poo bag tied around her wrist but every once in a while I have to “go” a second time so she is really happy that they have poo bag stations around the park. Of course, I get to go potty wherever I want but Mom loves the fact that there are lots of clean toilets & a place to wash her hands. They even have Yoga in the Park! Mom loves the Cobra & the Eagle poses and is still trying to master the Crow while I am partial to the Down Dog & Puppy poses! 

Of course, I love all of the different trees that the park offers.They are a perfect platform for leaving messages for my friends! Fuller Park should be known as Napa’s arboretum (Mom told me about Wikipedia & now I love to look up new words!) But with over 60 different species from all over the world it lets me go global without leaving my street. Some of my favorites include the evergreen trees – they give me lots of shade and also produce a lot of oxygen. Mom always says we need to lower our C-A-R-B-O-N paw prints so I am happy the evergreens help to do that. The ancient Bunya Bunya tree comes all the way from Australia and has cones that are almost as big as me. The majestic dawn Redwoods have cinnamon colored bark…mmmm…cinnamon! The bark from the Cork Oak is used to make stoppers for wine bottles – I bet that makes it a very popular tree here in Napa. Mom says that bark can be harvested every 9 years (I’ll be considered a Senior when I turn 9!) and it does NOT hurt the tree. She told me that is an example of S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-L-E which is especially important with so many people and dogs on the planet! Mom loves the Chinese Hackberry tree because it is in the C-A-N-N-A-B-I-S family and cannabis is what helps her sleep at night! I don’t really get that because I could sleep all the time if Mom would let me. And the English Elm is so resistant to rot that the Romans used it for their water pipes long, long ago. 

Well, it is time for me to have my lunch and head back to sleep but I hope to see you very soon at Fuller Park. If you see Mom and me, please come by and say “Hi”! I am always up for adventure, so please let us know all about your favorite park. I will soon be traveling with Mom and Dad so I need a list of the best parks in the world! 

PS Mom has a link below that will help you order biodegradable poo bags. She loves these bags because they break down quickly unlike plastic bags that hang around forever in the landfill. And with over 10 million TONS of dog poo “produced” every year in the U.S. alone, we need to doo-doo all we can to help with this problem! If you purchase the bags through the link, she will make a little bit of money but it won’t cost you any extra. This little bit of extra cash helps pay for some of her blogging expenses and let’s her take a break to walk me! 

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