27 Reasons Vila de Gràcia is Barcelona’s Best Vegan Barrio

Charming Vila de Gràcia begins just as Passeig de Gràcia’s designer shopping frenzy ends. Within moments of crossing Avinguda Diagonal, the tourists melt away, your pace slows down and you are quickly surrounded by Gràcia’s old-world charm. The narrow streets are lined with eclectic shops and cozy Plaças that are filled with locals and fellow travelers who are looking for a more authentic Barcelona experience. This vibrant Catalan neighborhood offers so much that once you are here, you will find yourself spending hours exploring and will never want to leave. From vegan cupcakes to hair salons that color with organic plants, plant-based fashion to vegan nice cream, and animal-product free cosmetics to artisanal cashew cheese, you will find everything you want (and more)! 


Väcka is Swedish for awakening and their delicious all-vegan menu will certainly awaken your sense of enjoyment and raise your awareness of delicious cruelty-free ingredients. Väcka also offers cooking workshops that share their ethical and sustainable vision for food. They now make vegan artisanal cheeses on-site using the ancient techniques of fermentation and aging. 

Väcka’s menu is beautiful & scrumptious!

*My favorite dish is their savory waffle with walnut meat!

Bar De Retro

We, vegans, love to eat but we really like to drink too! This vegan pub offers an 80s retro vibe from the music to the decor and serves vegan liquor, drinks, and sandwiches all night long. They offer fun activities each week that include swing and flamenco and you and your friends can compete in a game of foosball!

Hammam & Henna

This hair salon quite frankly is a dream come true for women like me who love to color our hair but are sensitive to the chemical compounds used in traditional dyes and bleaches. And though more and more hair colorants and styling products are becoming “cleaner” and are vegan-friendly; this is the first salon, in the world, that I have found that uses 100% natural pigments like henna, ghassoul clay, turmeric, indigo, and essential oils to offer a healthy and relaxing experience. If you are tired of your scalp itching or burning to get that perfect shade, now may be the time to give vegetable dyes a try. 

La Besnéta

Handmade from the heart, La Besnéta was the first 100% vegan pastry shop to open in Barcelona. Founders Daniela & Albert have merged traditional Argentinian pastry recipes passed down through 3 generations with unique Catalan flavors. And then adapted all of the recipes to reflect their vegan lifestyle. Using fresh and local ingredients, the menu includes cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and cheesecake. 

La Besnéta cupcakes, cookies, pies…oh my!

*My favorites include their decadent double chocolate cupcake & carrot cake slice.

Vegacelona – Tienda Vegana

This 100% vegan market has been open for less than a year and has already found quite a following. They carry organic items and many of the most popular vegan food brands including the Beyond Meat burgers. They offer free tastings and provide reviews of their newest items. If you have an extended stay in Spain, you can also order your favorite food through their Vegan Online Shop.

Amapola Vegan Shop

Founded by Raquel in 2011, Amapola is much more than just a store – it is her personal project. Knowing that veganism doesn’t just live on your plate but in your closet too, she has hand-selected each item she sells. When you purchase from her shop, you can leave knowing you helped create a better world for all sentient beings and you looked fabulous while doing it. Raquel sells fashion with compassion for women, men, and children that include shoes, clothing, accessories, and jewelry. 

I always find something wonderful at this gorgeous vegan boutique

*My favorites include the Matt & Nat handbags & wallets and Barts’ beanies and scarves made with vegan wool.

Vēgere Bellesa Vegana 

The first vegan beauty center in Barcelona, their products contain active ingredients from organic plant & oil extracts while providing you with a 100% vegan experience. Free from nasty synthetic ingredients; you will reboot without causing harm to yourself, animals or the planet! Services include a half dozen rejuvenating facials including the acupuncture “face lift,” transformative massage rituals to energize or detox, hair removal utilizing threading and sugaring, and several make-up services. Embrace your vision toward a more ethical, conscious and responsible planet, all while visiting BCN.

La Trocadero

This 100% vegan fast food spot is located in the heart of Barcelona within steps of La Sagrada Família. It is full of bright, joyous colors and has all the vegan comfort food you can dream of – burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, french fries, onion rings, nachos, and hummus. Order in the restaurant after sightseeing or have it delivered to your hotel. 

*My favorites include the Setbacon or LT Classic because I love anything with vegan bacon or mayo. 

Vegans & Bio Barcelona

Originally called EcoCentre and sometimes listed as Eco NoMato (this is Catalan and Spanish for I do not kill), this vegan grocery market offers everything a vegan could want or need while on vacation. With the demand for organic ingredients growing, you can also choose between bio or conventional options. When I said you will find everything you need, I really meant…everything! From groceries to candy; cosmetics to personal hygiene; and cleaning supplies to vegan shoes.

VegetArt Cuina Vegana

This cozy little vegan takeaway deli is the perfect stop when wandering Gràcia. Located just 200 meters from La Besnéta bakery, you can load up on pasta or lentil salads, empanadas or moussaka and soy meatballs with gravy after stocking up on your favorite baked goods. Word on the street is they offer some of the best hummus in the city. 

*My favorite treat is the fluffy, sweet “icing” on their cakes.

Gallo Santo VEG-MEX & Cocktail 

Gallo Santo is the first all-vegan Mexican restaurant to open in Barcelona. Having just opened in October 2018, they already have a loyal following of vegans and non-vegans alike. They offer delicious food, excellent service, a hip atmosphere, and original cocktails.  

Vegala Cosmetics

Vegala is the first 100% vegan cosmetics shop to open in Barcelona. After working for a non-vegan cosmetics firm for 5 years, Vegala’s founder realized that she was finally done compromising her vegan ideals and made the leap. Whether you need something for your face, body, hair or replacement cosmetics, you will find it here. She also offers to make up appointments for special events and dozens of zero waste products.

Bio Xoco Macrobiotico & Vegano

Whether you call it a Buddha, Hippie or Macro bowl, you will find that they are a healthy and delicious combination of our 3 macronutrients: carbs, protein, and fat. They also serve raw options, fresh juice, smoothies and have a bar. A good place to choose when you are searching for a bit of vegan mind-body balance from your meal. 

Avo Toast – the perfect way to start the day!

La Lima, Comedor Vegano

Located in the dining room of the Athenian Libertari de Gràcia, vegan breakfast is served from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and lunch from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. This is a space of free knowledge where neighbors gather to learn, share and assist each other.

Adamah Juice Bar

The 100% vegan juice bar offers freshly squeezed fruit juices that invigorate and vegan smoothies that satisfy. The combination of flavors is almost as creative as their names that include the Vampire, the Amazonia, and the Hangover Buster. 

Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos

This vegetarian pizza joint offers a large vegan menu that also includes pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and desserts. They even hand-make their own vegan mozzarella cheese. The charming decor is bright & open and though it is located on the far edge of Gràcia, it is well worth the visit. 

Vegan pesto makes the perfect pizza!

*My favorites include their Pizza Pesto topped with vegan mozzarella, pesto, cherry tomatoes & vegan chorizo picante. 

Cafè Camèlia

This charming vegetarian restaurant offers several tasty vegan options for very reasonable prices. It is located just a 15-minute walk from the amazing Park Güell. So it is the perfect spot to refuel and rehydrate, on your walk back to the center of Vila de Gràcia.

*My favorite dish is their vegan curry.

Quinoa Bar Vegeterià

This tiny little vegetarian cafe is one of Gracià’s little gems. But be prepared. Because of the small size, it is sometimes challenging to get a table. They serve burgers, wraps, and sandwiches and are known for having the best carrot cake in Barcelona. 

*My favorite is the carrot cake, of course.

Nabucco Obrador Vegetarià

The non-vegan Italian cafe, Nabucco Tiramisu, recently opened a vegetarian and vegan takeaway. Offering clearly marked vegan focaccia sandwiches, salads, burgers, pizza, croissants and desserts…oh, so many desserts.

Veg World India

This vegetarian restaurant serves yogurt, cheese, and butter but about 90% of their menu is vegan. They offer authentic Indian food and some dishes that are hard to find outside of Northern India. If you are looking for legit vegan Indian food while visiting Barcelona, this is the place. 


This vegetarian chain was founded in 2015 with the hope of offering delicious cuisine to vegans and vegetarians and also offer omnivores healthy alternatives to their diet. Their brilliant idea seems to have paid off – they recently opened their fifth restaurant in Barcelona! Their Chefs’ provide a unique menu each day that includes three dishes and dessert for just €9.90 or a half menu for just €7.50. 

A great way to save money is to choose the daily special – “menu del dia”

Bodevici Gelatos i Orxata Ecològica

This vegetarian ice cream shop believes in the motto “we are what we eat”. They use organic, local and fair trade ingredients free of chemical additives, flavorings, preservatives or dyes. Their vegan options include sorbets and soya nice cream. All cones, spoons, bowls & cups are biodegradable and organic. 

El Buffet Verd Natural Food

This vegetarian restaurant has been treating their customers like family for 20 years. They are happy to offer dairy-free options whether you are lactose intolerant or adhere to a vegan lifestyle. You can eat there or use their “tuppers” and take your meal to go. Their promise to you is to offer open doors and full dishes. 

Park Güell 

This beautiful park is one of the most famous sights in Barcelona. It is a stunning combination of nature, wildlife, and Antonio Gaudi’s fairytale-like architecture. It was conceived and designed by Gaudi and his friend Eusebi Güell as a housing community inside of a park. Though 60 villas were planned, there was no interest, so only two homes were ever built. One of which is now a museum showcasing Gaudi’s work. This vast public park is open free of charge for hiking, dog walking, picnicking or just relaxing. A section of the park is a monument to Gaudi and does charge a fee. Whether you enjoy the public park or explore Gaudi’s vision, this destination is truly a masterpiece.

Mireia Playa

Love for shoes runs in Mireia’s family. When she was a child, her father traveled throughout Europe selling popular brands that she dreamed of someday wearing. She followed her passion and studied fashion design and has created her own shoe line. Her designs are Vegan Approved by PETA and ethically produced by expert artisans who receive fair wages. Created in Alicante and sold in Barcelona, they also offer a tiny carbon footprint. You can find her brand available online and in shops throughout Gràcia. 

*It is hard to choose a favorite but I am smitten with her boots. 

Steve’s favorite vegan burger.

Aspasios Paseo De Gracia

This boutique hotel was one of the best finds in Gràcia. It is centrally located so it is ideal for exploring the city on foot and is just across the street from the Metro station. The rooms are modern and stylish and offer options from a standard-sized hotel room to spacious apartments. WiFi and freshly, filtered water refills are complimentary; the staff incredibly helpful and the two rooftop terraces are relaxing and provide a nearly 360° view. 

*My favorites include the excellent location and the free water refills – they even filled my water bottle every time I left to explore. 

The Old Fashioned Gin & Tonic Cocktail Bar

This vintage lounge is reminiscent of the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the U.S. They offer an extraordinary menu of cocktails and will also craft custom, vegan-friendly concoctions. The space is tiny and dimly lit and time stands still while you are sipping and chatting. You may not leave feeling like Al Capone but you will leave feeling very good!  

*My favorites include the intimate atmosphere and the skilled bartenders. I visit every time I’m in Barcelona. 

Bird’s eye view of Barcelona

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