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All photos provided by P and A Vegan Catering

Paula Santurio is a vegan, animal rights activist that has literally put her money where her mouth is! For the last twenty years she has been a vocal advocate for animal rights – activism being a big part of her life. So when she retired two years ago it was a natural progression to take her love of cooking to the next level and start P and A Vegan Catering.

Paula grew up in New Jersey before heading out to California in 1980. When her daughter Alicia was around 12 years old, she decided that she wanted to be vegan. At the time, there was no internet, no google to find out how to raise a healthy vegan child. Paula had concerns about nutrition but that didn’t slow her down. And it wasn’t long before Paula and the rest of her family followed Alicia’s lead and all became vegan. The families’ love of animals has only grown over the years. In 2017,  Alicia founded the Bay Area chapter of Animal Save. A worldwide network of activists who bear witness to the animals that are en route to slaughterhouses. The Save Movement began in December 2010 with the inception of Toronto Pig Save. There are currently over 130 groups throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and South America. This grassroots movement’s goals are to encourage people to embrace veganism, protect our planet and support farm sanctuaries. Offering a fair and just transition for workers as we shift to a plant-based economy is another important goal of Bay Area Animal Save. Her daughter Jennara moved to the vegan Capitol of Europe – Berlin, Germany – about 5 years ago with her husband Mark and is a vegan pastry chef. Needless to say, I can’t wait to meet them when I arrive in Berlin in August 2018!

All photos provided by P and A Vegan Catering

Growing up in an Italian household, Paula learned to make everything “from scratch” and has brought this philosophy to her vegan catering. She makes her own vegan sausage and cheese and though she is happy to make anything her customer requests her specialties include Italian, Mexican and Seitan stuffed roasts. According to Paula if it “helps animals” and saves them from animal agriculture, she will “take any request and make a delicious vegan meal.”

For the last two years, Paula’s catering service has been driven primarily by word of mouth. She recently started a Facebook page which has been a huge help in attracting customers like Direct Action Everywhere and Vegans of the Bay. Based out of Fairfield, Paula has catered events that range from vegan meal planning to small intimate dinner parties and even large events that feed over 300 hungry vegans. She has worked as far south as Santa Cruz and as far east as Grass Valley. If it means saving animals, P and A Vegan Catering is willing to journey just about anywhere in the Bay Area and beyond.

All photos provided by P and A Vegan Catering

What might you ask does Paula do for fun after being a tireless voice for animals? Well, she and her husband Alex (the A of P&A Catering) head to Vegas of course and they let the Chefs at the vegan-friendly Winn Resort do the cooking for them!

To set up your next intimate soirée or mega party for hundreds of your closest friends, contact Paula through her website or at 707.386.6448. This is the perfect opportunity to support all-vegan businesses like P and A Vegan Catering and as always…eat, drink and be vegan!!

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