Vegan Food Tour Mussomeli

I am so excited that my sister is visiting me here in Sicily for the first time. We have been apart for almost four years. And once she flys back to the US, Steve and I, with our dog Violet are taking a well earned holiday in one of our favorite seaside cities - Siracusa / Ortigia!🎉😃💚🌱

Time together with Vee will rejuvenate us, and we'll be ready to eat, drink, and be vegan with you on Thursday, 5 May.

Join Napa Valley Vegan blogger and vegan food tour guide Tonia Brauer for a delicious dining experience in historic Mussomeli. She will share her favorite restaurants and introduce you to the area's best chefs while you eat authentic Sicilian cuisine. This vegan tour is the first of its kind in Central Sicily. And it will allow you to explore the beauty and hospitality of the island's center while vacationing on this incredible island.

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