Violet Reviews V-Dog!

I met my Mommy & Daddy three and a half years ago when things weren’t going very well for me. My family had surrendered me to the local animal shelter because they did not want to take care of me anymore. I was filthy, my ears were infected and I was a sorry looking little pup. I was pretty unhappy and my ears really hurt! And then in walked my new Mommy. She was a volunteer for the shelter and the minute I saw her, I knew she would love me forever! While she was filing papers, I sat down right next to her and wouldn’t let her get any work done. It didn’t take long before she brought my Daddy and my brother & sister Tobey Jug and Buttercup to meet me. Tobey Jug was an easy going kinda dog and he welcomed me with open paws. Buttercup was a bit bossy and I knew right away that she was in charge! Daddy had a big heart just like my new Mommy and he fell in love with me almost right away! The five of us agreed that I should come home with them ASAP & the adoption was official! What I didn’t know when I picked my new family is that they were all vegan!??? I had never seen a vegetable in my whole life before I met them. I even remember the first time Mom gave me a carrot slice. I spit it out because I had no idea what it was! But it did not take long until I was eating all the same delicious foods that TJ and Buttercup ate. It ended up that fruits and vegetables are really awesome. Just like anyone else, I have my favorites. I jump for joy when Mommy feeds me berries. I love beans and quinoa. When Mom gets the NutriBullet out, I know I’ll soon be enjoying a kale smoothie! And carrots & sweet potatoes make me smile. Yum! Mom only buys O-R-G-A-N-I-C food for us. I don’t know exactly what that means but I sure do feel healthy! My favorite brand of dry kibble is called V-dog (that means vegan dog, of course!). I’m not a very big dog, I weigh about 10 pounds and Mom says I am a mini-poodle mix (whatever that means). They make small kibble that is just the right size for me & my little teeth. V-dog sends automatic shipments to us every few months and I get so excited when Mom brings the food in off the porch! When I joined my forever family, I was weak and didn’t have a lot of energy or muscle tone to exercise. But in just a few months, my ears were healed; I was strong & loved to go for walks with my brother and sister and I had so many nutrients that my eye color went from a pale yellowish color to a healthy hazel brown! If you want your dogs to be vegan like me, get them some delicious V-dog! I love it and I know they will too. And always remember…adopt DON’T shop!! 

PS Mom has a link below that will help you order V-dog for your furry family. If you purchase it through the link, she will make a little bit of money but it won’t cost you any extra. The blog is a lot of work – believe me Mom is sitting at her Mac all the time working on it! This little bit of extra cash helps pay for some of her blogging expenses so she can keep doing what she loves! 

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