Napa Valley Film Fest 2015 – Somms on Film!

Here are the videos of my amazing experience interviewing the Sommeliers and winemakers at the world premiere screening of Somm: Into The Bottle at the opening night of the Napa Valley Film Festival 2015. This was absolutely my favorite red carpet experience. The sommeliers and winemakers were incredibly engaged and gave answers that were uncensored and came from the heart. I hope you enjoy  viewing these short videos as much as I enjoyed making them!

interviewing Geoff


CLICK HERE to view my conversation with Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth!

interviewing director

CLICK HERE to see director Jason Wise and writer/producer/wife Christina Wise discussing their film!

Brian McClintic


CLICK HERE to see what Master Sommelier Brian McClintic has to say about wine, sustainability, Pearl Jam and his love for Patti LaBelle!




CLICK HERE to see Master Sommelier Ian Cauble and his girlfriend Mercedes discuss the importance of organic & biodynamic wines!

Fred Dame
Master Fred Dame


CLICK HERE as Master Sommelier Fred Dame discusses his interest in pairing vegan food and wine!


CLICK HERE to view Steve Matthiasson as he discusses his vegan-friendly wines!


CLICK HERE to view Sommelier and author Kelli White discuss the importance of transparency in wine ingredients!  

Thanks for watching and always remember to eat, drink…and be vegan!

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