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Join me on Monday, February 23rd at 6 p.m. for Episode 5 on Tout Suite Social Club as I welcome John Comisky, Vice President Board of Directors; Janice Beglau-Taylor, Lead Opossum Rehabilitator, Songbird Clinic Day Shift Leader & SBC Medical Staff; Deb Wellborn, Lead Squirrel Rehabilitator; and Thea Reidy, Wildlife Administrator with the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County. I am so excited to have this amazing group of wildlife lovers join me on the show this month.


My story with WRCNC began in June 2012. I was out walking my dog Tobey Jug at Fuller Park near downtown Napa one morning and came across a tiny, cold baby squirrel huddled beneath a park trash can. I scooped the little squirrel up, hugged her to my heart and walked back home as quickly as I could. I promised her that no baby squirrel was going to die on my watch! Once I got home, I put her in a cardboard box, sat her on the dryer and turned it on in hopes of warming up her limp and nearly lifeless body. I remembered seeing a flyer several months before for a local wildlife rescue while I was at my hair salon so I hopped on the internet to find them. All I had to google was “wildlife rescue” and “Napa” and the WRCNC came right up. I dialed the emergency Hawkline and explained my situation. Within 30 minutes Deb Wellborn, the Lead Squirrel Rehabilitator for the Rescue showed up at my home. She took one look at Petunia (I felt that naming my new friend would give her a better chance at survival!) and feared the worst. However, she promised me that if Petunia survived the trip she would get her hydrated and warmed up! I trusted Deb immediately and knew she would do everything in her power to help this little squirrel. She wrapped Petunia up in her shirt to give her much needed body heat and headed out!


I just could not get Petunia off my mind so the next day I reached out and called Deb. I left a message and was so excited to hear back from her later that same day. And the news was excellent! Once Deb got Petunia back to her home and got her hydrated she rallied almost immediately. Deb had another orphaned squirrel about Petunia’s age and they had become roommates. I was so incredibly happy to hear the news. I also found out that Petunia just happened to be a Peter instead! Deb was so kind and kept me updated with Pete’s progress until finally a couple months later he made a new home for himself in a beautiful park in Yountville. Deb’s love and dedication to helping our local squirrels survive was clear to me from the moment I met her but it gets even better! Along with all of the other wildlife rehabilitators, Deb is a volunteer! She earns nothing for all of her kind and loving hard work. I knew that I was not going to be able to be a fulltime squirrel rehabilitator like Deb. She sometimes has squirrels that are so young they must be fed every 2 hours. What a commitment! But I knew I had to help somehow.


After talking to Deb and checking out their website, I decided to join the Songbird Clinic. Once a week for a three hour shift from April to September, I would help feed and rehabilitate orphaned and injured baby songbirds. That was 3 years ago and on April 1st, I’m excited to join the Songbird Clinic  for another season. It has been a thrill to be a part of this amazing organization!


This episode will be full of the many success stories WRCNC has made for our Napa County wildlife. So please join us as part of our live studio audience or join us online from your computer or mobile device! I look forward to seeing you there.

At Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County, all our friends are wild!

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