Join Napa Valley Vegan and Friends on Tout Suite Social Club — Episode 3


Despite the very short notice, this is an episode that you are not going to want to miss. My guests include Dariece Warren and Dave Tilton. Dariece and Dave are local business owners in Vallejo – Vallejo Yoga and Vallejo Bookstore. We are going to discuss the challenges of being small business owners and competing with the big box stores that have taken over the planet. The importance of all of us supporting local businesses not only during the Holidays but all year round. They are also incredibly lovely people who are going to discuss their vegan journey with us. And to put icing on the cake, Dave is a recording artist with New Hat Records. He will be performing a couple of his hits for all of us to enjoy!


For all of my readers who do not live here in Napa Valley or just can’t make it to the studio by 6 p.m., I invite you to log onto Tout Suite’s website and  join us remotely. Log onto the episode so you can participate. I look forward to any of your questions and comments. And if you use your webcam you can go totally interactive. Not only will Dave, Dariece and I be able to see you but all of the viewers will too. You will be a part of the show!!


For those of you who live locally, please join us and be a part of the live studio audience. I mean come on we’ve got a band! We are going to have so much fun. The studio is located at Tout Suite Social Club, 68 Coombs Street, Suite L5 in Napa. Come ready to ask questions, make comments, do a little dancing and a lot of cheering for Dave!! In fact, I’m sitting here listening to his music while I write. He is super talented and I can’t wait to see him live on my show!


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