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Austin Destinations Food Texas

10 Reasons Why Austin Is the Best Vegan-Friendly City In Texas!

Some of the experiences I had while visiting Austin were provided to me free of charge in exchange for my review of the experience. Please know that whether I paid for it or it was provided free of charge, that what I share with you is my honest opinion!  While Austin hasn’t cracked Happy Cow’s […]

California Food St. Helena

20 Vegan Reasons To Eat At Archetype

*This article was edited on May 3rd to reflect the new vegan-friendly labeling that is being added to Archetype’s menu! My food and beverage were provided to me at no charge in exchange for this blog post about my experience. There was no attempt by the owner or staff of Archetype to influence my review, […]

California Lifestyle

This Is Why Farm Sanctuary Is My Favorite Sanctuary in the World! 

When I received a message from Farm Sanctuary, located in Orland, California, that they would be closing and moving their rescued farmed animals to their other sanctuaries, I was heartbroken! I had been a supporter since moving to California in late 2011 but my love of the Sanctuary began years earlier.   After learning about […]

Violet's Favorites

Violet’s Favorites – Napa’s Fuller Park!

Just blocks from downtown Napa and my house is Fuller Park – one of my favorite places! The small park is 10 sprawling acres of grass, trails and huge trees! Of all the places I have played, there aren’t many other mini-parks as beautiful as this little gem!  Fuller Park is on the National Register […]

California Food Napa

Platanito Pupusas Adds Delicious Vegan Options To The Menu!

 I want to offer a big thank you to Arturo and Chef Maria for welcoming me to their food truck and filling my belly full of delicious vegan tacos. And though the meal and drink were provided to me free of charge, my feedback about the food and experience is my honest opinion!    Though […]

Violet's Favorites

Violet Reviews V-Dog!

I met my Mommy & Daddy three and a half years ago when things weren’t going very well for me. My family had surrendered me to the local animal shelter because they did not want to take care of me anymore. I was filthy, my ears were infected and I was a sorry looking little […]

Activities Barcelona Food

Barcelona – Beautiful, historic…and veggie friendly! 

    As a vegan, when I begin planning my next vacation, the very first question I ask of any city is…”are you vegan-friendly?” Because no matter how many extraordinary sites there are to see if I cannot find good compassionate food or feel welcomed by the people of that city, it is going to […]

Barcelona Steve's Bucket List

First Helicopter Flight in Barcelona

Since I was a little boy I have loved the thought of flying. Anytime I had the chance to go for a flight I would take it. I have been lucky enough to have a few very unusual opportunities including a Lear Jet, a B 24 Liberator and a 1923 Curtiss Robin just to name […]