Napa Farmers Market – Vegan style!

Napa Humane Mobile Adoption Unit
Napa Humane Mobile Adoption Unit

Napa Humane is a local non-profit that offers humane education, low cost spay/neutering, a weekly vaccination clinic and the Mobile Adoption Unit for our Napa Valley dogs, cats and bunnies. The Mobile Adoption Unit debuted in May 2005 and has been partnering with local animal welfare groups including the Napa County Animal Shelter ever since! I have been volunteering for Napa Humane since their first annual Walk for Animals in 2012. if you have been to any of their exciting fundraisers, you have probably seen me there too. I do always love a good party. And you can always find me on Fridays at the vaccination clinic holding puppies and kissing dogs. I got to spend my morning Tuesday in the Mobile Adoption Unit with Wendi Piscia, Program Administrator of Napa Humane, Emily the Chihuahua mix and four adorable bunny rabbits at the Napa Farmers Market. You can find the Mobile Adoption Unit on the first and last Tuesdays and second Saturday each month through October from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. When it was time for a snack, I wandered around the Market and chatted with some really friendly and helpful people. I was really excited by the many vegan options available!

You can't miss this fresh and delicious granola!
You can’t miss this fresh and delicious granola!


My first stop was The Handmade Pantry. Jane Bell creates the freshest, most delicious granola I have every tasted. Almost all of the granola is vegan ( a couple flavors contain honey), and there are gluten and wheat-free options as well as nut-free options. There is a granola flavor that will satisfy everyone! Jane offers generous samples of each of her granola masterpieces. I brought home a bag of the gingerbread granola and I sprinkle it on everything!


FM Granola



Stop by Duck Duck Goose Farms!
Stop by Duck Duck Goose Farms!

My next stop was Duck Duck Goose Farms a pesticide-free, biodynamic farm with crops in Napa. They offer premade salads so you can keep your energy up while shopping the Market. They always offer a vegan option on their menu!


Duck Duck Goose Farms' menu board!
Duck Duck Goose Farms’ menu board!


Love the Field Blend vegan salad!
Love the Field Blend vegan salad!


There are also several farms that offer pesticide free and organic fruits and vegetables including Rodriguez Farms, The Patch, J&M Ibarra Farm and Long Meadow Ranch. Be sure to stop by and thank them for choosing to go organic!


Long Meadow Ranch organic produce
Long Meadow Ranch organic produce


Rodriguez Farms organic strawberries!
Rodriguez Farms organic strawberries!


More organic produce!
More organic produce!


And finally after finding all of this amazing produce and vegan food… I found the chocolate!

Desmond with Wine Country Chocolates
Desmond with Wine Country Chocolates


Many of these delicious chocolates are dairy-free! Desmond offered me many samples and they were all so good I couldn’t decide on my favorite. I guess I will just have to keep visiting Wine Country Chocolates and tasting the chocolate to make up my mind!




Dark Chocolate! Yum...
Dark Chocolate! Yum…



Wine Country Chocolates' non-dairy artisan sweet
Wine Country Chocolates’ non-dairy artisan sweets


I would have to say for such a meat and cheese centric city I had incredible success finding delicious and varied vegan options at the Napa Farmers Market. Be sure to come by every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. through October and support the vendors that provide vegan options! I hope to see you there soon!


















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    • Jennifer
    • August 29, 2014

    If it’s The Patch from Sonoma neighbors tell me they spray. Farmers know consumers want pesticide free and organic so some, shamefully, say they are. My first choice is always to buy certified organic because they’ve made the effort and have opened their fields and books. Next I buy from farmers I know. Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I agree with the certified organic philosophy. I always believe the best until I’m proven wrong so thanks for info!

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