We Have A Hero for Nutrition in Napa!

Hero powered by Apicius Nutrition!
Hero powered by Apicius Nutrition!

We have a hero for nutrition right here in Napa Valley! Chef Walter Abrams, Founder of Apicius Nutrition, is using his 20 years of experience as a professional chef to provide us with a handmade all-natural whole food bar that is both nutritious and delicious! The Hero bar is a raw, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free bar packed full of health. He has created the perfect combination of kale and cashews, chia, pumpkin, sunflower & golden flax seeds, cacao and coconut oil with a touch of raw honey and apricots. Yum!!

The perfect combination of delicious, whole ingredients.
The perfect combination of delicious, whole ingredients.

Walter’s career began in some of the finest restaurants of Palm Beach including the renowned Chef Daniel Boulud’s Café Boulud. Walter then joined Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in 2004 where he spent the next 7 years of his career. Because of annual scholarships that recognized his dedication to his craft, Walter worked at some of the most prestigious kitchens in Europe including Le Cinq in Paris, St. John in London and The Fat Duck in Berkshire. He was also awarded for his accomplishments by the Florida Culinary Institute with the 2006 Alumni of the Year. In 2011, Walter worked as Chef de Cuisine with Mark Sullivan at San Francisco’s Spruce Restaurant. In 2012, he then moved to Philadelphia to join Le Bec Fin as the Executive Chef. And then just one year ago, Walter founded Apicius Nutrition and launched Hero.The Hero bars are handmade using the highest standards in food manufacturing so overseeing Apicius Nutrition Headquarters here in Napa Valley has become his full time passion.

Chef Walter Abrams
Chef Walter Abrams

Chef Walter had the urge to produce a packaged food from a chef’s point of view. His goal was to create a whole food bar that would increase energy and provide the necessary nutrients that we need to maintain our on-the-go day to day routine. While at the same time, being an innovator in preservative and additive free packaged food made with fresh ingredients. Working as a Chef for the last two decades, his extraordinary relationships with small farmers throughout the country inspired him to create this one of a kind bar using kale as the main ingredient. And though it may not fit all vegan lifestyles, Chef Walter feels honey is one of the best sweeteners available. He currently sources the raw and unfiltered honey from a second generation beekeeper in the Stockton area.

In addition to fueling us through our busy days and daily workouts, Apicius Nutrition also sponsors professional athletes. Janet Black competes in CrossFit and Grid Athlete games. Since its inception in 2007, CrossFit has become one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. These competitions are world-renowned as a grueling test for the world’s toughest athletes and the premier battle to find the Fittest on Earth! The Grid League takes the world’s most able-bodied athletes, combines them into teams and requires the teams to participate in weightlifting, bodyweight movements and gymnastics to name a few. The team must then use their strength and strategies to complete the workouts faster than their competitors. Okay, and I am proud of myself when I make it through a 90 minute Power Pilates class! Yikes, she is a pro!

Janet Black - CrossFit and Grid League pro!
Janet Black – CrossFit and Grid League pro!

David Mitchell is a MMA Fighter. A mixed martial arts full-contact sport originated in ancient Greece as an Olympic sport known as Pankration. The sport which includes striking and grappling techniques from a variety of combat sports and martial arts has evolved over the centuries and was popularized in the late 1960s by Bruce Lee. And finally became mainstream in the U.S. in 1993.

David "Bulletproof" Mitchell with a record of 15 & 4!
David “Bulletproof” Mitchell with a record of 15 & 4!

Janet and David are always seeking the most natural and fresh supplements available and the Hero bars give them what they need to compete and thrive! The great trade-off is by sponsoring these amazing athletes Walter is able to get the word out to other athletes about the delicious Hero bar and keeps the athletes away from the junky packaged bars that overpopulate our grocery stores. This is very important for athletes that may eat as many as 3 or 4 bars a day to eat the healthiest options offered by Apicius Nutrition. Now don’t think you need to work out as hard as Janet Black and David Mitchell. Many of Walter’s customers simply use the bar for breakfast and it keeps them going all day!

His philosophy is to build a great team, Use the best ingredients, Focus on the details & Make big things happen!
His philosophy is to build a great team, Use the best ingredients, Focus on the details & Make big things happen!

Walter admits that starting this new business has been very tough but for every challenge he feels there are many rewards. Each bar is made to order so they are always fresh and it is priceless to Walter that he has created something that is helping others improve their health. Some of the very exciting goals for Apicius Nutrition include continuing product testing with the plan to launch other products in addition to more seasonal flavors of the Hero bars. The growth also includes organic ingredients though he will eventually cap off the growth at a certain point so the integrity is never sacrificed. And what will never change is his Mission to continue supporting charities and agriculture as he aims to be an innovator in preservative and additive free packaged food products.

I know you want to try these amazing Hero bars! They can be found at our local grocery stores in the produce aisle next to other fresh foods that don’t contain preservatives. You can also order them online. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do!! Please give them a try and continue to support local businesses that make a real difference.

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