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I am finding more and more vegan-friendly dining options available in Napa. My promise to you is that I will continue eating and sharing my experiences with you!  But since I can only eat so much…I’d love to hear your experiences. Good, bad or indifferent, please share your adventure with us in the Comments below!

Juice & Smoothies

  •  Nektar Juice Bar is located in the Bel Aire Plaza shopping area at 3900 Bel Aire Plaza, Suite F. They are the only all vegan choice in Napa. They offer delicious juices, smoothies and granola bowls. The Tropical Cooler is my typical go-to smoothie but when I really want to splurge I go for the delicious Health Nut (minus the agave)!
  • Hudson Greens & Goods is conveniently located in Oxbow Public Market. Their juice bar is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and offers a vegan protein powder that you can substitute for their whey powder. I love the smoothies but be prepared…you will be paying tourist prices.
  • Jamba Juice has two Napa locations – Silverado Plaza in North Napa and South Napa Market Place in South Napa. They now offer almond and soy milk that can be used to veganize many of their smoothies. All of their Classic smoothies can be made with almond or soy milk in lieu of the frozen yogurt or sherbet. Their Specialty Smoothie Protein Berry Workout is already vegan as are their all-fruit and fruit & veggie smoothies. With some adjustments, you can also enjoy their Whole Food Nutrition smoothies. All of their freshly squeezed juices are good to go and they also offer a soy protein to boost your liquid meal.  For all of you chocolate fans, you will have to skip it. It is made with a dairy base. When I need a break from my leafy smoothies, their PB&J made with almond milk is my favorite!!!
  • Whole Foods Juice Bar is located in the same shopping center as Nekter. The Nekter smoothies tastewise are still my favorite but for just a little bit more cost, some of the ingredients in the Whole Foods’ smoothies are organic. I usually get one if I am in the middle of grocery shopping and realize that I am making poor food choices because I am hungry!

Fine(r) Dining

  • Yak & Yeti Restaurant offers Indian, Nepalese & Tibetan cuisine at 3150B Jefferson Street in Napa. I haven’t dined there yet but have heard wonderful things from my reader, fellow Yelper & fellow vegan Cassandra. They offer tofu and the menu has several veggie options including curry and veggie tandoori.
  • Mango on Main is a high-end Thai bistro located in downtown Napa at 1142 Main Street and is one of my favorite restaurants. Mee not only runs the dining room but is also married to the Chef and is well versed on their vegan options. They are willing to “veganize” nearly everything on their menu. I highly suggest the Peanut Bomb tofu, Massamun, Kari Curry (be sure to ask for tofu instead of chicken!) and Indochine corn fritters! My husband loves the samosas. They have recently updated their lunch menu but I have not had the opportunity to stop in for lunch yet. They now have vegan items labelled on their menu.
  • Bui Bistro is a downtown Vietnamese restaurant with nothing vegan on the menu. However, they offer a tofu curry and can veganize most of their salads, their vermicelli and a few other menu items. The banana flower can be made vegan and is gorgeous and delicious. The staff is not well versed in vegan options but they will check with the Chef and provide some choices.
  • Aroma offers Indian food and is located at 3012 Jefferson Street in a small shopping center behind a gas station. But don’t let that stop you from going in! Their vegetarian section offers 16 entrees and seven of them are labeled vegan-friendly. They also offer brown rice and one vegan whole wheat bread. My suggestion is the Gobhi Manchurian. A delicious blend of batter fried cauliflower in sweet chili sauce.
  • Archetype is located on Main Street in beautiful St. Helena. Sous Chef Brian is married to a vegan and is know for creating delicious vegan dishes (they are NOT listed on the menu) that include their Taco Thursday AND brunch! I am still working on scheduling a visit but my friend Veronica raves about the food! I am so pumped to have access to vegan brunch in Napa Valley! As usual, to ensure it is going to be a wonderful experience, call first & let them know you are vegan.
  •  Hurley’s restaurant is located at 6518 Washington Street in beautiful Yountville. Chef Bob Hurley’s menu offers a lot of seafood so it is an excellent spot to visit if you are dining with non-vegan friends or family. Chef Hurley has a Moroccan Vegetarian Tagine and a Summer Veg Risotto that can both be “veganized” along with several of the salads. If you are feeling daring, he will also prepared a special dish just for you based on what he has in the kitchen that evening! The summer vegetable Risotto is excellent.
  • St. Clair Brown’s Winery – This urban winery is located in downtown Napa at 816 Vallejo Street. In addition to the winery tasting room, they offer a garden eatery across the street in their culinary garden. Their goal in planting this garden is to make locally-grown produce more accessible to those of us who live and work in the City and to demonstrate the ease of growing our own food even in a small urban space. I had the pleasure of discussing the changing menu with their Executive Chef Andreya Nightingale. She has a family member who is vegan and really strives to create delicious vegan options for her guests. Please note that the menu changes often but the main ingredients in the hummus, PBJ Board, almonds, olives and chocolate bark will ALWAYS be vegan. Yay! They can also remove the cheese from their veggie plate. Currently the cheese plate is not vegan but Chef is testing a housemade vegan artisan cheese similar to Miyoko’s Kitchen nut cheeses and hopes to add it to the winter menu.
  • Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen is nestled in downtown St. Helena at 61 Main Street. They offer delicious Nepali/Indian cuisine and all of their produce is organic! The food is excellent; I love their Alu Bhanta. Fun fact: the co-owners started out as trekking guides in Nepal before settling in the Wine Country!
  • Torq is located in the space that was formerly occupied by the famous vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu at 1140 Main Street in downtown Napa. Though the name is Gaelic for wild boar, Chef Sean O’Toole confirmed that they offer excellent vegan options. I do have vegan friends who have dined there though there is nothing on the menu that is clearly marked vegan. I plan to eat there soon and to have a blog post with the vegan options they offer.
  • Celadon is located in the Historic Napa Mill at 500 Main Street in downtown Napa. My goal is to eat at every restaurant or at least speak to the Chef before I add it to my blog. However, I am finding that I do not have as much time as I would like to be dining my way through Napa Valley. Based on the menu, I would never add this restaurant to my page but a vegan friend that I trust not only eats here often but also refers other vegans. I will update this as soon as I have had the opportunity to dine here.
  • Bistro Don Giovanni is located at 4100 Howard Lane just across Highway 29 from my home. I have been there several times with my friend & neighbor Marissa for drinks – their cocktails are wonderful and since we live so close we always have a husband who is willing to come pick us up after we have had too many martinis! On my last visit the General Manager, Filippo Bevilacqua, discussed their menu with me and assured me that many of their pasta dishes can be veganized. The restaurant and bar are always BUSY – packed on the weekends – and it has a really good energy.  Though it wasn’t exactly true that they have many vegan options, there are three salads that can be made vegan-friendly. The beet salad is amazing though remember to ask for dairy free dressing. The corn pasta paired with olive oil and whatever veggies they have in the kitchen is also simple and delicious!
  • Harvest Table bills itself as a California bistro using local ingredients in high-end dishes in a country-chic space (plus a patio) in St. Helena. Sounds nice! I met Chef Levi at the Festival del Sole Taste of Napa event this summer and he confirmed that he could whip up an amazing vegan meal. Based on the menu (it does include pigs ear and foie gras), I suggest that you call first. As soon as I have dined there, I will update you on the results!

Casual Dining

  •  Melted is a sandwich shop located in downtown Napa at 966 Pearl Street. They offer two vegan sandwiches that are made on gluten-free vegan waffles – the Crawford’s Pantry and the Aunt Weaver Stamper. All sandwiches come with a side of basil tomato soup for dipping. They also offer two vegan smoothies – the Dan Rather is as delicious as any milkshake I’ve ever had and is made with bananas, chocolate and peanut butter. The Nosferatu is my favorite – made with prickly pear, lychee, raspberry and pomegranate – it is so sweet and refreshing! They are always happy to “veganize” any of their sandwiches if you just ask but the Aunt Weaver Stamper with its artichoke hearts, vegan pesto, sundried tomatoes and vegan swiss, gets me every time! I recently heard they are expanding into Petaluma in Sonoma County soon.
  • Live Fire Pizza recently opened in Oxbow Public Market. They celebrate the wonderful bounty of Northern California with help from their wood fired oven. The menu offers some delicious vegan options including the Fried Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower small plate and their cheeseless, mushroom-friendly Napa Vegan pizza. They offer beer and wine and a great casual dining experience. One of their business partners is vegan so between all of us vegans, we may be able to talk them into adding more veg-focused choices to their menu!
  • Gott’s Roadside is now serving the Impossible burger at their Napa and St. Helena locations. Let them know you are vegan & they will make it without the secret sauce & cheese. They also clean their griddle with club soda and grill with oil instead of butter. Beef burgers and vegan burgers do not share the same cook space. It can be served in a lettuce wrap or on a whole wheat or sourdough bun. Lettuce, tomato & pickles can be added or be creative with their avocado, pico de Gallo or vegan kimchi. This is being tested to see how it does so be sure to support this rare vegan offering in Napa and St. Helena so it gets added to their permanent menu!
  • Small World Café is located in downtown Napa at 928 Coombs Street. They offer a free “buffet” of spicy and pickled ‘sides’ and have 4 or 5 vegan options available. My absolute favorite is the falafel platter since it contains a little bit of everything and is gluten free if you skip the pita bread. These are the best falafel balls in Napa!
  • Heritage Eats is located in the Bel Aire Plaza shopping area at 3900 Bel Aire Plaza near Nektar Juice Bar. The restaurant is very meat-centric but they offer a delicious Crispy Falafel Pita – the crunchy slaw and tahini dressing both contain honey. The dish can be made without those items if you choose. They added grilled veggies to mine and it was amazing. Several of the sides and sauces are also vegan-friendly. Please mention to Chef Jason and co-owner Benedict that you heard about them through my blog!
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill now has 2 locations in Napa – 304 Soscol Avenue, Suite F near downtown Napa and 1703 Trancas Street, Suite D across from Whole Foods/Trader Joes. They now offer non-GMO ingredients, buy many of their products locally (within 250 miles), offer transparency (the list of ingredients for…everything is on their website), they use responsibly and pasture raised animals for their meat (I know, I know but one step at a time), inspect their producers at least once a year, are removing artificial ingredients from their tortillas and other items, offer non-GMO, organic tofu, do not use lard in their pinto or black beans… If you have to eat fast food, there is no other choice…And once you watch their series Farmed and Dangerous on Hulu, you will love them!
  • Golden Harvest Restaurant is located at 61 Main Street in St. Helena. They have a huge menu of Chinese food and will go over the vegan-friendly options with you. It is a very casual experience but the food is really tasty.
  • JuJu’s Mediterranean Kitchen  is tucked away behind the Napa Crossing shopping center at 3375 California Way. They use local ingredients and have close to a dozen vegan choices that are all labeled on their menu. JuJu’s offers catering, take-out, a small dining room and a market. You’ll also see JuJu at the Napa Farmers Market!
  • MOD Pizza offers the mini, mod and mega sized pizza crusts. Regardless of the number of toppings you add, the price stays the same. All dough is vegan including the wheat and gluten-free options. They provide one tapioca/arrowroot based non-dairy cheese. Vegan base sauces include red, BBQ and garlic rub. And the vegan finishing sauces include the balsamic fig glaze, Sriracha, Frank’s hot sauce and olive oil. All of the veggie toppings are vegan except the croutons.
  • Whole Foods offers vegan-friendly wheat pizza crust and tomato sauce. You can customize your pizza by purchasing any item that they offer in the store including Miyoko’s VeganMozz, Daiya shredded mozzarella, etc. You can purchase vegan pepperoni and deli slices to add also. The pizzas can be very expensive since you pay the base price for the pizza plus the additional items you choose. But you do get whatever you want!
  • Denny’s – with only Sweetie Pie’s vegan berry muffin or oatmeal made with water at various locations, Denny’s is the first full service restaurant I have found in Napa that I can get breakfast! Several skillets can be veganized and paired with their plain (not gluten-free) english muffin or bagel, fresh fruit, applesauce, grits or oatmeal. You can also build a vegan burger & pair it with fries – seasoned or plain. Don’t expect a gourmet experience but, hey, you can get breakfast!

Food Trucks

  • Dabba Food Truck offers a delicious blend of Northern Indian food with a California vibe! They currently offer Indian “tacos” and basmati rice bowls and will soon be adding burritos and salads to the menu. Everything is vegan-friendly with the option of adding additional “proteins”.  They use local, organic vegetables when in season so enjoy a little Farma Karma from Michelin-rated Chef Walter Abrams. ***The food truck is currently only available for special events and catering.

Bakeries, Nice Cream and  Sweet Treats

  • Sweetie Pies Bakery is located in downtown Napa at 520 Main Street. They offer large vegan chocolate cupcakes made with soy buttercream frosting, cookies and berry muffins. The staff have told me that they usually have a vegan-friendly soup and Roasted Veggie and Goat Cheese sandwich for lunch that could be modified but I have never had lunch there. Bakeries are for sweet, baked goods in my book! Vegan breakfast options in Napa are slim pickings but they do offer oatmeal (make sure it isn’t made with dairy milk), toast with jam, fresh fruit bowls and the vegan berry muffin. They also make special occasion vegan cakes – chocolate or white that is filled with chocolate soy pudding and topped with their delicious soy buttercream frosting. It is out of this world!
  • Ben & Jerry’s  is located in downtown Napa at 1136 Main Street. They now offer several vegan flavors in pints and will be serving PB&Cookies in the Scoop Shop. To offer full disclosure, B&J’s is owned by Unilever.
  • Baskin Robbins is located on 3373 Solano Avenue at the corner of Redwood and Solano tucked back in the rear of the Redwood Plaza shopping area. They always carry one or two flavors of dairy-free nice cream; flavors do range depending upon the season. My last visit, they offered watermelon with edible seeds and daiquiri ice – both made with soy so a bit creamier than a fruit sorbet. The store owner’s name is Troy and he and his manager Stephanie are friendly and offer excellent customer service.
  • Three Twins Ice Cream – Organic ice cream that does not contain corn syrup or anything artificial. They typically have 1 vegan nice cream made from rice milk and 1 or 2 dairy-free sorbets.

 Oxbow Public Market – located at 610 1st Street, Downtown Napa. They also offer patio seating that is dog-friendly! And the convenience factor is very high – not only do they offer all of these restaurants under one roof but they offer some shopping as well. If you make a trip to Napa, you have to experience the Oxbow Public Market.

  •  Live Fire Pizza recently opened in Oxbow Public Market. They celebrate the wonderful bounty of Northern California with help from their wood fired oven. The menu offers some delicious vegan options including the Fried Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower small plate and their cheeseless, mushroom-friendly Napa Vegan pizza. They offer beer and wine and a great casual dining experience. One of their business partners is vegan so between all of us vegans, we may be able to talk them into adding more veg-focused choices to their menu!
  • Three Twins Ice Cream – Organic ice cream that does not contain corn syrup or anything artificial. They typically have 1 vegan nice cream made from rice milk and 1 or 2 dairy-free sorbets.
  • C Casa is also owned by Cate & Co. and offers several unique vegan “tacos” and small plates ranging from the white beans, roasted fingerling and new potatoes, and avocado plus a salad or two. Just be sure to mention that you are vegan so they can leave off the cheese! Very tasty and affordable.
  • Ritual Coffee Roasters works one on one with small coffee farmers in a fair trade type relationship throughout Africa and Central and South America. This really shows through in the flavor of their coffee. It is possibly the best coffee I have tasted…ever. They do not offer any flavored syrups but instead let the taste of the coffee take center stage. They offer soy and almond milk options for their espresso drinks.
  • Kitchen Door has a large dining room and wonderful outdoor patio seating on the Napa River. When you sit down be sure to mention to your server that you are vegan. They are happy to discuss the options with their Chef. The chilled vegetable and rice noodles is excellent as is the warm mushroom fried rice bowl. They can also adjust a couple of their salads to make them vegan-friendly.
  • Ca Momi is known for its pizza, cheese and cured meats but do not despair! They offer quite a few vegetarian options (cheese and egg) but can “veganize” and are always happy to work with us!
  • The Model Bakery like Cate & Co. and Kara’s Cupcakes does not yet offer any vegan baked sweet treats but they do carry a baguette and sourdough bread that are vegan-friendly.
  • Hudson Greens & Goods is conveniently located in Oxbow Public Market. Their juice bar is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and offers a vegan protein powder that you can substitute for their whey powder. I love the smoothies but be prepared…you will be paying tourist prices for your smoothie!

Coffee Shops

  • Ritual Coffee Roasters is located at 610 1st Street in the Oxbow Public Market. They offer fair trade coffee (without the official Fair Trade Seal of Approval) that is unbelievable! They do not offer any sugary syrups for the espresso drinks which is how it should be – the coffee is that good. Almond and soy milk options for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company Skip the Starbucks and instead head across Main Street to the corner of 1st and Main in downtown Napa to the locally founded Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company. They are a small, eclectic little coffee shop with good coffee, a friendly staff and offer almond and soy milk for their espresso drinks! They also have a place in St. Helena at 1400 Oak Avenue. They often offer vegan baked goods at the St. Helena location but get there early…they go fast!
  • Peet’s is located at 3678 Bel Aire Plaza next to the Napa Whole Foods. They are a bit too mainstream for my tastes BUT, that being said, the first Peet’s opened at the corner of Walnut and Vine in Berkeley in 1966 and very quickly gained a loyal following. They even called themselves the Peetniks. So even though they have grown too large for my tastes, they did start out in the Bay Area in one of my favorite cities! So if you have to go with a name you recognize, choose Peet’s over that other option! They also offer almond and soy milk plus their vegan Apricot oatmeal scone (tasty and low in calories), vegan chocolate chip, ginger and oatmeal raisin cookies, fruit bowls and steel cut oats. 

Bar Food!

  • Silo’s is located at 530 Main Street in the Historic Napa Mill. My friend Kellie is a singer and performer there and is also vegan so their Chef has put together some delectable small plates! Go for the live music, vegan “bar food” and inspired cocktails! Vegan options include the Fortunate Son handmade Vietnamese spring rolls with sweet chili glaze, Kashmir Trio house made hummus and flatbread crackers and Call Any Vegetable chargrilled broccolini, napa cabbage slaw and spicy vinaigrette!
  • Napa Palisades Saloon opened in July in downtown Napa at 1000 Main Street, Suite 100. This is a true “bar” experience with 6 or 8 tables, a large bar that seats about 15 and 8 flat screen TVs. Several items on the menu are vegan or can be easily “veganized”. The falafel burger (minus the dairy) includes a plate full of veggies and pickles, the fries, spicy chickpeas, green beans and delicious avocado toast (again, minus the dairy) are all vegan-friendly.
  • Napkins Bar and Grill is located in downtown Napa at the corner of 2nd and Main Street. It can be described as a brunch café, a sports bar, a full service restaurant, a bar and a night club. They literally do it all! The menu offers a few options like the house made guacamole, their house salad, sea salt French fries and grilled seasonal vegetables. And for dessert they offer a delicious, refreshing orange sorbet. They offer a full bar with wine, beer & cider, spirits and some amazing cocktails. Some of the cocktails are not vegan-friendly so be sure to ask your server. They are very welcoming to vegans and Chef Jacinto will whip you up something special. The owner, Ali Yildirim, is updating his seasonal menu and will be adding more vegan options that are well labelled. It is a perfect spot to stop in when you want to share a good meal with your omnivorous friends. Please tell Ali that you heard about him from my blog. He will love that!!
  • Downtown Joe’s is located downtown along the Napa River and has a huge outdoor patio area. They offer a vegan blackbean burger with avocado and a Rosemary Polenta with portobello mushrooms, steamed veggies and marinara. The winter beet or Italian dinner salad and veggie quesadillas should be easy to veganize and they offer some sides that include the fruit cup and homes fries/hash browns. I’m not a big fan of the food but the place is always full and is very popular with locals & tourists…

This should get you started though I do have more to add. But for now, enjoy Napa Valley and as always…eat, drink and be vegan!


  1. By Jennifer on

    We love Mango on Main, Aroma, and Small World- so many good vegan options! Also recently went to the new Palisades Saloon on Main St, they have roasted spicy chickpeas, fries, salads, and a falafel burger! The falafel burger comes with goat cheese and mayo but you can order it without. If you ever go over to Sonoma check out Sunflower Caffe and the Community Table.

    -Fellow Napa vegan

    1. By Napa Valley Vegan on

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comments! I agree! Thanks for the feedback on Palisades Saloon. I heard that they offered vegan options but when I reached out to them no one called me back. I will be sure to head over to eat (and drink) there very soon.

  2. By Napa Valley Vegan on

    Hi Chef Nut,

    Welcome to Napa Valley! I keep trying to make my way upvalley but find that eating and drinking in Napa has been keeping me very busy. I have had a couple great meals at the Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen. I’ve eaten once at Golden Harvest – affordable chinese food with several vegan options. I also spoke to Chef Levi of Harvest Table at the Taste of Napa event this summer. He said he would be happy to make a vegan friendly meal. I haven’t had the time to head up there yet. It isn’t going to be affordable but it looks like the food will be amazing.

    Nature Select Foods offers raw and vegan food plus a smootie/juice bar and a friend mentioned that Crisp Kitchen + Juice had some good options.

    I know you will love Napa Valley. It is a beautiful place! Tonia

  3. By J-Zee on

    Hi NVV!
    Unfortunately, I have to be away from home on Thanksgiving Day and will be traveling from San Francisco to Sacramento. Since one of my all-time favorites — Gracias Madre in SF — is closed Thanksgiving Day, I thought I might make a detour en route. Any place you’d recommend in Napa Valley for a memorable vegan holiday meal?

        1. By Napa Valley Vegan on


          Thanks for your patience! The film festival last week has engulfed my life and I haven’t been able to focus on much else. Many businesses shut for Thanksgiving. The restaurants that will be open are serving traditional 3 and 4 course Thanksgiving meals that include turkey, stuffing, etc! Tarla is going to be opening if you don’t mind Mediterranean food for your Thanksgiving meal. I’d invite you to our place but we decided to head to Millenium in Oakland with friends instead of cooking. This is a tough holiday to find vegan-friendly food in Napa. Our local Whole Foods is open until 2 or 3. They tend to offer less vegan options on their hot bar as we get close to the holidays but you may be able to piece together a meal between the salad bar, hot bar, deli & cafe! I wish I was more help. Good luck & have a lovely holiday!

  4. By Kristen on

    I just survived Yountville as a Vegan. Went to REDD, Bouchon, Farmstead, and Ad Hoc. All four made accommodations. I would say out of all of them Ad Hoc gets it the most by far. I mean, they had tofu for me. Ha! Farmstead I had to nudge the waitress a bit to get her to talk to kitchen but other than that very pleased.

    1. By Napa Valley Vegan on

      That is such great news! Many thanks for the feedback. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from my readers on those restaurants so I’m happy to hear that things are improving. I have been so incredibly busy between the wineries & restaurants right in Napa that my experiences upvalley are limited so your comments are a big help!

  5. By Jessica on

    Any suggestions on places to snag vegan “cheese” in the area, preferably nut based? I love the Kite Hill brand and want to enjoy similar wine accompaniments as my carnivore boyfriend while spending time in Napa later in April. I can always BYO from Chicago, but would be way easier to grab some in the valley.

    1. By toniabrow@napavalleyvegan.com (Post author) on

      Hi Jessica,
      Whole Foods in the Bel Aire Plaza shopping center off Trancas has a wonderful selection of vegan “cheeses”. It is located in the produce section near the mushrooms. The section has Miyoko’s, Kite Hill, Chao, Follow Your Heart, Daiya… You can also find vegan charcuterie-type foods there too so you can really enjoy the wine pairings. You can grab everything you need and take a picnic upvalley to wine taste! Have loads of fun. Cheers!

  6. By Denise on

    What a great resource you have here! My husband and I (vegans) are planning 4 days in Calistoga, probably in February or March. Any suggestions for vegan dining options in Calistoga or nearby? Thank you!

    1. By toniabrow@napavalleyvegan.com (Post author) on

      HI Denise, I was working for a local animal protection non-profit until very recently. It engulfed my life. I’m back to blogging full-time now. I hope you had a wonderful time in Calistoga and were able to stay well fed!

  7. By Tara on

    Hi! Although Calistoga is normally a food desert for vegans. I recently discovered the HodoTofu entree at Sam’s Social Club and it is awesome. Also keep your eyes open for the restaurant at the Sunburst Hotel. It isn’t yet open however I wrote them and they are planning vegan friendly foods and juices and smoothies.

    1. By toniabrow@napavalleyvegan.com (Post author) on

      Hi Tara,

      Thanks for the update! Great info. I have always had good food at the Calistoga Thai Kitchen too. They make a rice pudding with coconut milk that is amazing!

  8. By Rob on

    Hi! Can u give a preview of Signorello’s vegan tasting? We’ll be in Napa this coming Thursday and am guessing might be too late for your next blog post. Thank you!! Sounds too good to be true!

    1. By toniabrow@napavalleyvegan.com (Post author) on

      Hi Rob,

      I’m doing the tasting on Sunday so I will let you know what it is like! It sounds like it is going to be an incredible experience! I’ll keep you posted.

      1. By toniabrow@napavalleyvegan.com (Post author) on

        Hi again Rob…The vegan 5-course wine & food pairing was the BEST pairing experience I have had since moving to Napa Valley. The wine alone is incredible and the food pairing outstanding. I suggest that you make this a top priority while you are visiting the Valley! Estate Sommelier Rob Plunkett and Chef Michael made this a once in a lifetime experience for my husband and I. Here is the link to set up your experience. Be sure to mention that you are vegan. Please mention that you heard of their vegan-friendly Enoteca experience though Napa Valley Vegan. Ron will love that! https://signorelloestate.com/estate-experience Cheers!

  9. By Jennifer on

    Hi there! Great list, we especially love Mango on Main, Aroma, Small World and Heritage Eats. Another one to add to your list is Fume Bistro. My husband and I recently went to Fume for the first time in years and we ordered one of their veggie flat breads sans cheese and the chef came out to us and asked if we would like vegan cheese on it instead! We didn’t even mention this when we were ordering as we didn’t expect them to have this option however the chef said that his son is vegan and he has been experimenting with vegan dishes and making vegan cheese options. We will be sure to ask them for this next time.


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