New Theme…And I LOVE It!

cropped-tonia-e1455767603305.pngHello again my patient readers…I have been struggling to move my blog updates forward and could not figure out why I was so stuck. I kept finding Themes that were okay. They offered everything a blog loving girl could want but I just couldn’t get excited about anything. Until today! I found a blog theme that seemed to be made just for me. From the spiral notebook, to the sticky note, to the whimsical font. I love it. It was absolutely what I needed to knock me out of my sense of inertia. Just a few more days…I promise. As soon as this blog site is something I am extremely proud of, I will begin contacting winemakers and restaurants so I can continue to give you the latest vegan eats and sips in Napa (and Sonoma) Valley! It is happening people. Thanks again for your amazing loyalty… Napa Valley Vegan’s hiatus is officially DONE!

Just a reminder, this is a great time to review any of the blog posts you may have missed. And the Eat and Sip pages still provide you with local vegan-friendly eateries and wineries!!

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